Primary Program

While many people think of outstanding academic programs when they think of a Montessori environment, that is only part of the picture at Village Montessori School. We at VMS understand that we are helping to develop the whole child - social, emotional and intellectual. Teaching and modeling respect for each other, adult and child alike, as well as respect for our classroom environment and the world at large are our primary goals. Grace and courtesy are cornerstones of our programs.

Through the use of techniques and materials developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, VMS teachers and their assistants guide the child as he explores all that the Primary classroom has to offer. Children are introduced to activities, or work, as Maria Montessori called them, so named because children naturally perform these types of activities to "construct their inner selves." The children are free to choose that work whenever they like. All work is accomplished using manipulatives that allow the child to explore them and learn by doing. The teacher observes each child’s use of the materials and determines when the child is ready to move on to the next concept. This same process is repeated throughout all areas of the curriculum, enabling each child to move at his own pace.

To provide a richer experience still, monthly units explore topics involving science, culture, geography and the arts. Field trips and knowledgeable visitors expand upon these experiences.