Why Montessori?

  • Develops a love of learning
  • Promotes love of and respect for the cultural and natural worlds
  • Relies on hands-on manipulatives and experiences, not abstract concepts
  • Promotes the development of order, control, concentration and independence, through the use of child-centered materials
  • Instills grace and courtesy as integral parts of the Montessori experience
  • Provides a family-like atmosphere with multi-age grouping of children
  • Fosters a mentoring environment in which older children and teachers share in the responsibility of the educational experience
  • Facilitates learning over teaching. Our students are peers in learning
  • Provides continuity through multiple years with the same teachers and friends
  • Recognizes, respects and embraces the individual and differing learning styles each individual brings to the environment
  • Designed to be inviting and beautiful, classrooms convey a sense of order 
  • Strives to build communities of students, teachers and parents

This is a wonderful video from the American Montessori Society website in which parents tell you in their own words why Montessori makes a difference in their child's life.

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