13. 10. 31
posted by: Sally Robinson
Created: 31 October 2013

Halloween! Everyone’s so excited about the first party of the school year. The school-wide parade was diverse and colorful! Several classes invited the children to bring in their costumes from home.

Room 7 is tying the opportunity to dress up with their unit on Cultures of the World by inviting the children to bring and celebrate in garb from other countries. The result is interesting and fun! Two other rooms have been busy making their costumes also fit their units:

  • Room 5 has been talking about Community Helpers, so they paraded as policemen, fire fighters, doctors & nurses, construction workers, even a couple of fire trucks!
  • Room 6 is full of clouds, rainbows, fall leaves and snow-people. Can you guess what their unit has been for the month?

Many thanks to all our parents who sent in goodies for the parties and to those who came to help out!