Kicking Off the 2017-2018 School Year

Dear VMS Parents,

Welcome (back) to Village Montessori School!  The staff and I are so very pleased to be back for a new school year.  The returning children have resumed where they left off both socially and academically.  The new children’s responses vary: some are excited, with barely a backward glance at drop-off, while others are still adjusting.  If yours is of the latter persuasion, don’t be dis-heartened… it really does get better. At drop-off, be confident and assure your little one that you’ll be back to pick her up after [insert applicable activity of the day].  Lingering never helps so leave as soon as you’re able, and remember, the staff are always ready to help.  And of course, if you’re concerned, call the office later; Kate or I will be happy to check on your child and let you know how he’s doing.

Speaking of those applicable activities, each classroom posts their daily schedule on the bulletin board in the room so you can better understand how your child spends her day.  In addition, the week’s snack schedule is posted on the board in the front hallway.  Within the first week of each month, you will be getting a classroom newsletter as well as a letter from me to keep you apprised of activities and events going on here at school.  Please read through those carefully – each contains information that will make your child’s, and your, preschool experience much more meaningful.

Our parent event for September is the Back to School Night on Monday, September 18 from 7:00 to 8:00 PM.  This annual event is very informative, so you won’t want to miss it.  You will begin in your child’s classroom where your child’s teacher will present information about her classroom.  At 7:45, you’ll be invited to take a chair to the Big Room where I will give a brief presentation.  Please note that this is an adult-only event; please make arrangements for childcare outside of school.

I want you all to know how much I sincerely appreciate all the kind words of support and encouragement you’ve been sending my way.  Your smiles and gracious reminders about your name (I really am bad with names!) make such a difference to me.  And thank you for being such great parents. I can write that unequivocally because you have chosen and, I suspect in many instances, sacrificed to give your child such a wonderful start on his educational and life journey.