Montgomery Village and VMS Rocks!

The staff and students at Village Montessori School have been inspired to launch a fun community outreach effort.  While visiting Florida last spring, Ms Jacobi (Room 7 teacher), while taking a nature walk with her daughters, noticed some decorated rocks placed strategically on the path, ground, and in the trees. When she inquired of some local residents, she was told that all over town people were decorating rocks, writing motivational sayings on them, then hiding the rocks. The purpose was for other people around town to find the rocks then re-hide them in another location. It was a fun and simple way to spread hope, love, and cheer to the people around town and beyond.

At VMS, the older children have decorated rocks, added positive sayings, and have hidden a few around East Village and other parts of the community. What if, while you were out on your daily walk around the neighborhood, you came across a little nugget of inspiration?  If so, please take a photo and share it on our Facebook page at or search @vms20886 from your Facebook page. Feel free to move the rock to another location, just for fun! We are looking forward to seeing where our rocks travel. We hope these rocks bring a little cheer to Village residents and others.