Preparing for a New School Year

Another summer almost over, another delightfully fun Summer Program complete.  We close for two or three weeks at the end of summer to take care of some much deserved maintenance...

While the usual indoor activities include paint touch-ups, floors stripped and waxed, windows washed and carpets cleaned, so much more than that happens each year to keep a nearly-30 year old building in like-new condition.  The teachers love their summers off but are always anxious to get back in their classrooms to set up – once we’ve all caught up on each other’s activities over the break.

There are always many outdoor tasks that occur and this year is no exception, no matter what the heat index may be!  The largest undertaking this year will be the removal and replacement of all the asphalt paths from the classroom doors to the playground, and the bike paths as well.  In addition, the large playhouse on the playground is being rebuilt, a failing tree has been removed and all the beds around the school have been prepped for Fall plantings.

 Although it’s a lot of work and expense, all these activities occur to provide the safest, most child-friendly, beautiful environment possible, something we’re pleased to do for your child.