Observation Week

13. 11. 15
posted by: Sally Robinson
Created: 15 November 2013

We hope you enjoyed your observation this past week.  We recognize that finding time to come in during your work day can be challenging, but that effort is worth it to ‘see and be seen’:

  • Watching a child work, both what she chooses and how she goes about her work, can be very enlightening for parents, seeing their child in a different environment.
  • Comparing your child’s habits and work to that of other children in the class of similar can also be interesting and enlightening.
  • These observations will make conferences in January and June that much more meaningful.
  • And let’s face it: your child notices if you’re not there, having watched a stream of other parents coming in to observe all week.  Trust me, as an educator for 20 years, the disappointment if you’re not there by the end of that week is palpable!

If you haven’t been able to observe yet, please talk with your child’s teacher to schedule another time; she’ll be thrilled to set up a date and time.  Or just stop by; you’re always welcome!