Christmas Tree (2013)

I loved watching everyone’s faces, children and parents alike, when they first saw the Christmas tree in our Big Room last week. Easily 12-14 feet tall, that tree was overwhelming when I first saw it.

I had originally designated Sunday, 12/8 as the day to go find the tree; however, Mother Nature had other plans in the form of an ice storm so the only day to go to the farm was the day before. Well. The problem with that day was that I was unavailable all day so the task was given to my husband and daughter. “It didn’t look that big in the field!” After cutting it down, they strapped it to the top of my daughter’s Corolla (which must have been a sight!) and drove from Woodsboro to school.

I mentioned that I was overwhelmed; the thought of having to decorate the enormous thing was intimidating! Fortunately, the lights went on quickly, and the fabulous ornaments the children made are wonderfully large. Thank you to all of our families who brought in new and gently used toys, placing them under our tree, to donate to less fortunate families in our area. The people picking up the toys for distribution were absolutely delighted with your generosity. I truly believe each time our children witness this type of community outreach, the future of our world becomes brighter. May your Holidays be filled with joy!